X-Lite 50.6

Make video and audio calls to phones from the PC
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Make regular or video phone calls from your computer and organize your contacts as well as call history. Requires an SIP-enabled IP PBX.

X-Lite is the easiest way to make a phone call trough your computer. It is an Internet phone manager; with this program you can transform your computer in a VOIP (voice over IP). It looks just like a normal telephone where the send button and the key numbers are displayed. Just use the mouse or numeric keyboard to dial and then press “send”. And that is all you need to make a phone call through the Internet (previous configuration).
You will need a microphone to talk with the person you are calling. Also you will need speakers or headphones to hear him/her.
This program is ideal for call centers or telemarketers who want a cheap and easy way to communicate through the net.
Once you have installed and configured it you can start using it.
The program has such features as a phone book, where you can store hundreds of registries; also you can select more than one line to talk, just with a click you can change between lines and mute any line. Besides the voice calls you can make video calls with this program.
This program is an easy way to call through the Internet!

Guzman Gonzalez
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